The precursor of the bold project of a house - a barn was a lawyer, and later an architect - Geoffrey Bawa. He possessed immense imagination and courage in creating extraordinary buildings, giving birth to tropical modernism. The idea was a result of a lack of capital and an unrestrained desire to create. He could utilize and transform existing structures, seamlessly integrating them into the surroundings. A mastery evident in every detail.

The world embraced such an idea, giving rise to true lofts that emerged from abandoned factories. Bawa's first house consisted of four barns on an abandoned rubber plantation.

Well-chosen elements form a whole, playing in one orchestra; some serve as a background, while others stand out. Perfect composition is pleasing to the eye and spirit. Harmony brings peace and allows for relaxation. Colors and forms emphasize and amplify pleasant impressions.

Such an interior doesn't have to be dull; you can successfully install golden partitions, golden chandeliers, or loft doors with golden accents. Even with narrow steps leading to the attic room, a boldly sparkling golden handle steals the gaze of those gathered around the raw, wooden table.

A summer morning with a cup of wonderfully fragrant coffee and a good book in hand seems to be the best start to the day.

I wish everyone beautiful surroundings, happy mornings, wonderful long evenings, enjoyable work, and tasty food.

Life is short, let's remember not to postpone the fulfillment of our dreams.