Modern interiors are primarily about space. It's about the absence of constraints and the courage to create a welcoming environment, enabling the organization of a comfortable space for spending time together. A living room connected to the kitchen allows for being together during cooking, cleaning, and watching matches. In other words, the home chef can work unnoticed, feeling that they are with the rest of the family. However, if for some reason we want to separate the kitchen space from the rest of the house, a fantastic idea is a loft wall, glazed, with doors, or just as part of the structure in the place we want to partially separate. By applying appropriate divisions and types of glass, we can create partitioning in any style. From very elegant, almost palatial, through English style, modern, to industrial, loft style. Golden polished or silver finishes are an incredible ornament and complement to the Art Deco style. White and smooth black colors with delicate muntins are a perfect addition to a manor or an English-style interior. Thick muntins divided into small panes with tempered glass are suitable for modern loft production. Such glazing is also a good solution for the hallway or for separating the part of the house with bedrooms.

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